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Tektelic Kona Micro

Supported models

As of September 2021, this version targets the Tektelik Kona Micro LoRaWAN gateway model listed at the official Tektelik website.


KonaFT for your gateway must be installed if you want to configure network access for your gateway.


Frequency plan Download Link
EU 863-870 Download


Access your gateway via SSH using port 22 and the gateway's IP address obtained from KonaFT or from your DHCP server. Default credentials, when prompted, are:
Username: root password: the default password is the serial-number of the gateway which is printed on the back of the gateway (the 9 characters above the 12V = 1A line).

Make sure your gateway is connected to the internet and run the following:

chmod +x

The installation process will take care of everything and reboot your gateway once done!


After the reboot, ResIOTâ„¢ Merlin will be installed and running. Refer to the official ResIOT website for further instructions.