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Kerlink IBTS Guide

Supported models

As of April 2020, this version targets the Kerlink IBTS listed at the official Kerlink website.


The iBTS firmware version must be equal or lower than v.3.4.7 (April 2019)


Frequency plan Download Link
EU 863-870 Download
US 902-928 Download
AU 915-928 Download


Access your gateway via SSH using port 22 and the gateway's IP address obtained from the DHCP server. Default credentials, when prompted, are:
Username: root password: pdmk-XXXXXX where XXXXXX are hexadecimal units of your iBTS hostname. More information here.

Remove any existing packet forwarder installed over your gateway. If you wish, you can simply remove the scripts launching them on startup time. Simply move the files away from your /etc/rcU.d/ folder.

Configure your gateway in order for it to gain internet access and finally run the following (using the correct region file):

mkdir /user/resiot
cd /user/resiot
mkdir -p /user/.updates
mv resiot-basestation-client-KIBTS-EU_863_870.ipk /user/.updates/

The installation process will start automatically as soon as you reboot your gateway. To do so, run the following:


Customizing the firewall

The IBTS comes with a built-in firewall. The Merlin setup package will install some premade firewall rules to make sure everything works correctly between Merlin and ResIOT. If you have a custom ResIOT build running over non-default ports, you might need to edit the default rules that came with the script. To do so, edit the file /etc/firewall.d/resiot.rules and change the default ports with the ones your setup is using instead. Here are the default ports in your file and what they refer to:

[OUT] 7677 udp: LoRa communication
[OUT] 8095 tcp: default ResIOT gRPC connection
[OUT] 1883 tcp: default MQTT broker connection
[IN] 50056 tpc: default Merlin webserver
[IN] 50076 tpc: default Merlin Update webserver


Shall you want to uninstall Merlin, just run the following commands:

rm /etc/rcU.d/*resiot*
rm -r /user/resiot
rm /etc/firewall.d/resiot.rules


After the reboot, your ResIOTâ„¢ BaseStation Gateway Client will be installed and running. Refer to the official ResIOT website for further instructions.