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Supported models

As of July 2019, this version targets all the ResIOT -X2-ETH- and -X2-LTE- products family.


Frequency plan Download Link
EU 863-870 (ETH) Download
EU 863-870 (LTE) Download


Access your gateway via SSH, by default the IP address is

Default credentials, when prompted, are:
username: root
password: resiot1234


The OpenVPN service is preinstalled on the gateway.

If you want to update from the installed version 2.3.8 to version 2.4.12 to support tls-crypt, make sure your gateway is connected to the internet and run the following:

curl -s | bash

After doing that, certificates can be handled by ResIOT or manually installed in the /etc/openvpn folder.

Keep in mind openvpn expects certificates with a .conf extension and that the resiot.conf is a reserved name and should not be used for manual certificates.


After accessing your gateway, make sure your gateway is connected to the internet and download the latest Merlin version by running one the following commands for the correct version you downloaded

(ETH) wget
(LTE) wget

The archive is now on your gateway. Head to your Home directory, extract your archive and run the setup

tar -xzvf *.tar.gz
rpm -ivh --nodeps resiot-basestation-client-*.rpm

The script will now install and run the client. A reboot might be needed for things to work correctly:


Merlin is now installed and running correctly on your gateway.


If you want to manually upgrade to the latest version, make sure you're connected to the internet and run the following for the correct version of your gateway:

(ETH) wget
(LTE) wget

and then run the following:

tar -xzvf *.tar.gz
rpm -Uvh --nodeps resiot-basestation-client-*.rpm


Shall you want to uninstall the Client, just run the following command:

rpm -e resiot-basestation-client

and reboot your system to make sure everything is correctly cleaned up



ResIOTâ„¢ Merlin is now installed. Refer to the official ResIOT website for instructions.

Merlin Reset

The newest Merlin versions (v33+) allows you to force reset all the Merlin settings to their defaults with an administrator, pre-registered user with password resiot1234.

In order to trigger the reset routine, create a reset file on a FAT32 formatted USB key and plug the key into your gateway. The reset procedure will then reset Merlin to its defaults settings. The operation could take up to two minutes.

In order to avoid reboot and reset loops, once complete, the reset procedure will rename your reset file to resiot.

The reset routine will:

  1. Remove previous ResIOT OpenVPN certificates
  2. Reset Cellular data if present
  3. Reset all existing user passwords and set the Administrator's password to resiot1234
  4. Reset the assigned gateway EUI
  5. Reset all grpc and secuity token settings
  6. Reset the network connection to static IP address:
  7. Restart the gateway

Other Software


All ResIOT gateways come with Python 2.7.11 preinstalled.

If you wish to upgrade to Python 3.5.3 you can do so by running the following:

curl -s | bash

This will install the newer version!