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Hardware and software requirements

Operating System and System Architecture

We currently have working setup files for the following operating systems * Linux 64bit – Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS * Microsoft Windows 64bit

A dockerized, ready to use, image is soon going to be publicly available. While we do not have a working setup file, our tools have been succesfully compiled for ARM processors as well. Contact us for more information.

Did you know?

ResIOT comes with its own Web Server. There's no need to configure or install one!

Hardware Specification

A single core machine with 2GB of ram is enough to get your started with ResIOT and all its required components. We managed to run a network of over 1.000 devices sending 4 uplinks a day over such a machine with some basic scripts running.

Scaling greatly increases the performance and will be required if your devices increases or generates more uplinks.

As an ideal starting point, we suggest a dual core machine with 4GB of ram.