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Node Downlink

Where you can find it:

The Downlink item is simple to find: it is placed under the Nodes menu, on the left side.

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It is used to send Data to a node in a simple way. The input form is represented like this:

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  • DevEUI: The node to wich send data. The first field is the Node DevEUI, the second one is the Node AppEUI and the last one is the Node Name.
  • Data: The data to send to the node.
  • Port: The port used for the communication. (1 - 255)
  • Command: This field need to be filled according to your websocket configuration.
  • Connector: (Not required)The connector used for the comunication.

Extra Fields:

  • Reference: When a Node recieve a message and notify us this value let us know to which message it refers.
  • Extra Param JSON: This params are used for dynamic topics. For example if the server require to know the issuer, the "p0" will be "User": "Admin".

The output will be displayed on a table like the follow:

DevEUI AppEUI Data Connector Command Port Date Error
DevEUI AppEUI Data Connector Command Port Date -
DevEUI AppEUI Data Connector Command Port Date Error
  • The white lines represent a successfully sent Tx
  • The red lines mean that the server failed to send a Tx to the node

Clicking on a single row will fill the input form with the data contained in the line.