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LoRaWAN Smart City Project

Internet of Things Smart Cities project will face up to all the future urban challenges such as pollution, energy efficiency, security, parking, traffic, transport and more by using advanced technologies in data gathering and communications via the Internet

It provides real time and remote monitoring of different aspects of data management according to their working areas such as transport, communication, video surveillance and sensors on devices distributed throughout the city. With this technology, a community will have the ability to create intelligent environments.

Better life quality thanks to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a net connection among the objects around us, to create an information network where softwares and applications can access automatically for helping us to manage and programme tasks which are essential in order to develope in the best way every aspect of our life. That's all thanks to the Internet.

To achieve this revolutionary goal is necessary to develope small chips and sensors embedded into the objects we use daily. All this is very cheap and safe for the enviroment, so, for this reason, the Smart Cities look at IoT like an exellent smart tool for improving the quality of the citizens life. In addition we have to consider all the benefits of creating an objects network. This technology is the key for increasing the saving and improving the movement of goods.

The biggest cities in the world, with a big technological development, are the perfect places for using this technology and for optimizing on large range the life of the citizens.