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Cisco gateway

Supported models

As of April 2018, this version supports all models listed at the official Cisco Wireless Gateway for LoRaWAN website.


Frequency plan Download Link
EU 863-870 Download
US 902-928 Download


Please refer to your gateway documentation in order to get access to the cloud or to your network.

Update your firmware!

In order to work, the basestation client needs your gateway to have version or higher installed. Please refer to your gateway documentation to update to the latest version


Connect to your gateway via SSH. If you're on windows the fastest way is probably using Putty.

Default credentials, when prompted, are username: admin password: admin

Run the following command


and enter your enable password

Make sure the radio is ON on your gateway

no radio off

Now access your gateway's console

request shell container-console

Make sure only one session does it as the gateway prevents multiple concurrent access to the console.

Go to a directory where you have writing permissions

cd /tmp

Run the following (for the EU region):

tar -xpvzf resiot-basestation-client-ciscov2-EU_863_870.tar.gz

Or, if you're running a US server, run instead:

tar -xpvzf resiot-basestation-client-ciscov2-US_902_928.tar.gz

The script will now install and run the client.

Now manually edit the ResIOT dynamic.json file:

vi /opt/resiot/dynamic.json

Retrieve your API TOKEN and GRPC HOST (how to...) and edit the file to look as follows:

    "token": "<YOUR_GATEWAY_TOKEN>",
    "grpchost": "<YOUR_GRPC_HOST>"

Save the file. And restart the service:

/etc/init.d/S57resiotbsmon restart

A reboot might be needed for things to work correctly:


Your ResIOTâ„¢ BaseStation Gateway Client is now installed and running correctly on your gateway.


Shall you want to uninstall the Client, just run the following commands:

killall *resiot*
rm -r /opt/resiot
rm /etc/init.d/*resiot*