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Websocket Clients

Websocket Clients

Where can you find it
Websocket Clients is placed under the Data Connector menu.


Required and Extra fields:
- Enabled: checkbox for Enable;
- Application Auto Provisioning: checkbox that allows ResIOT to auto insert one or more Applications if one or more Nodes send a Payload to your connector. The Application is inserted only if the Node meets the Server Conditions and if the AppEUI isn't already taken;
- Device Auto Provisioning: checkbox with same function as "Application Auto Provisioning" but with DevEUI;
- Application*: same function as "Preset Application" field of MQTT Broker;
- Name*: the Name of the Websocket Client;
- URL*: the URL of the Websocket Client.

Differently from MQTT Protocol, Websocket's message isn't split into two parts, infact its directives are represented by a JSON. To recognize the type of the message, there's a JSON field called "Command" that describe the action. The Command description format depend from the Server. ResIOT has some pre-configurated models but if you want to use your own server you have to set the JSon Data Patterns table in Websocket Edit based on the documentation.

    "Command" : "rx",
    "Payload" : "27aBd3",
    "Port" : 43,
    "AppEUI" : "98775A23aCBC90BB",
    "DevEUI" : "aDD127Bd861CAC32",
    "Extra": {
        "Extra1" : "28BD",
        "Extra2" : "aA21",
        "Extra3" : 15,
        "Gateways": [
            "EUI" : "A433ACFF123D1908",
            "Time" : 1477580497168
            "EUI" : "1A90fbaA39311158",
            "Time" : 1477580497160

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