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Multicast Introduction

Where you can find it

The Node Multicast field is placed under the Multicast's menu which is between the Nodes and the LoRaWan Gateways one.



The Multicast represent a way to send the same Downlink Message(Payload) to many different Nodes.


The Multicast is defined by:

  • **A Name**: the Name of the Multicast
  • **LoRaWan Server**: the LoRaWan Server which the Multicast is linked to
  • **DevAddress**: a unique Hexadecimal 4 Bytes key
  • **AppSecureKey**: a Hexadecimal 16 Bytes key
  • **NwkSecureKey**: a Hexadecimal 16 Bytes key
  • **Max FrameCounterDownlink**: the max number that the Frame Counter Downlink may reach before restart