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Data Connectors

Where can you find it

The Data Connectors menu may be found between the LoRaWan Gateways and the Smart Scenes field.



A Data Connectors is a always open-channel granted by the server to allow users to monitor data. Currently ResIOT supports Connectors over the MQTT Protocol and Websocket

Currently ResIOT supports these Data Connectors:

  • [MQTT Broker Client][1]
  • [LoRaWan™ Connector][2]
  • [Websocket Client][3]
  • [Websocket Server][4]
  • [HTTP Receiver][5]
  • [HTTP Pusher][6]
  • [Sigfox][7]
  • [Microsoft Azure][8]
  • [Amazon AWS][9]
  • [MQTT Broker Server][10]
  • [Modbus Server (Slave)][11]
  • [SNMP Trap Server][12]
  • [MongoDB Pusher][13]
  • [SQL Database Pusher][14]