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Communications and communication log

comm_rx and a comm_gwrx: what's the difference?

LoRa gateways receive all kind of LoRa data over their frequencies. All this data is the pushed to a LoRaWAN server. It's the server's job, then, to decide if the packet has be accepted or refused (depending on if the device that sent the uplink is registered on the network or not).

A comm_gwrx message is a RAW message, it's basically what your gateway receives and then forwards to the network.

A comm_rx message is instead a message that our server managed to receive, decode (thank to the device keys you entered in your node) and aggregate from one or more gateways.

If your device sends an uplink and 3 of your gateways manage to receive it, you will still get only one comm_rx (stating it came from 3 gateways) and three comm_gwrx. You will still receive comm_gwrx raw encrypted data from devices that do not belong to you, since those messages are being sent over your gateways' frequencies, but you will not receive any comm_rx as the server discarded these messages since the device that sent them is not registered on the network, or failed to decode its content because of the wrong inserted device keys in your node panel.