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Docker deployment

The ResIOT team created a single, fully configurable image for ResIOT LoRaWAN Network Server & IoT Platform, the name is resiot/resiot:1000020

note 1: at each reboot the resiot/resiot:1000020 image proceeds with automatic updating to the latest version available
note 2: at the first start, wait a couple of minutes to allow time to perform all the necessary configurations

Docker Example

for this example it is assumed that we have a postgres database installed, redis and mosquitto mqtt at ip address

sudo mkdir -p /opt/resiot00001

sudo nano /opt/resiot00001/config.json
Contents of file config.json:
        "RESIOT_DB_TYPE": "postgres",
        "RESIOT_DB_URL": "postgres://resiotdb:[yourpwd]@",
        "RESIOT_REDIS_URL": "redis://",
        "RESIOT_MQTT_URL": "tcp://",
        "RESIOT_MQTT_USER": "",
        "RESIOT_MQTT_PWD": "",
        "RESIOT_MQTT_CACERT": "",
        "RESIOT_LORA_BAND": "EU_863_870",
        "RESIOT_LORA_NETID": "A0A1A2"

sudo docker pull resiot/resiot:1000020

sudo docker run -d --name resiot00001 -v /opt/resiot00001/updfld00001:/run -v /opt/resiot00001/data00001:/data -v /opt/resiot00001/config.json:/cfg/config.json -p 58088:8088 -p 58095:8095 -p 57677:7677/udp  resiot/resiot:1000020

Web browser to: http://localhost:58088 for viewing ResIOT

Other commands

to set always restart even on reboot system
sudo docker update --restart always resiot00001

to kill container: 
sudo docker kill resiot00001

to remove container:
sudo docker container rm resiot00001

to kill and remove container: 
sudo docker kill resiot00001 ; sudo docker container rm resiot00001

to exec a command inside container (ex: ps aux):
sudo docker exec -it resiot00001 ps aux

to view container logs:
sudo docker logs -f resiot00001
sudo docker logs -f --until=2s resiot00001