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Microsoft Azure

Azure IoT Nodes

How can you add an Azure IoT Node to the ResIOT platform

  • Login in your Azure portal (Microsoft Azure account required).
  • Click on "New" and search "IoT Hub" then click on "Create".
  • Fill the form for the Hub creation and create it.
  • Copy the name of the Hub in the "Azure IOT Hub Name" field of the connector.
  • Search the newly created Hub in the searchbar using its name.
  • Under the left menu group called "Settings" click on "Shared access policies".
  • Click then on the "device" policy and copy the "Primary Key" to the "Primary Key" field of the connector.
  • Go back to the dashboard, and select your Hub.
  • In the left menu, search IoT Devices and navigate to that page.
  • Click on "Add" and fill the form for the creation of the node.

"Must use the Device EUI in the Device ID field!"

  • The full JSON objects will be delivered as the body of each message.