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Websocket Real Time Monitor

Where you can find it:

The Websocket Real Time Monitor action can be found on the left-side menu: it is placed just between the Tools/Addons and the Communication Log.

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The Real Time Monitor displays a table where, in real time, the Rx sent to your WebSocket will be stored. It shows all the fields and the values contained in the Rx.

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You may also see the recieved Payload decoded and structured in JSON format.

Note: Decoded Payload Example:

["{\"altitude\":0,\"latitude\":0,\"loRaSNR\":8.5,\"longitude\":0,\"mac\":\"008000000000a05f\",\"name \":\"008000000000a05f\",\"rssi\":-73,\"time\":\"2017-05-12T07:31:59.214453Z\"}"]

Quick Tx:

You can also send a quick Tx to a choosen device. Just select the Node and the Connector, insert the Data and the Port.