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TCP Server


ResIOT now allows you to create your own TCP and UDP server(s) right within the platform.

Be careful!

It's up to you to make sure only one connector is listening on a given port and to configure the server firewall to allow incoming connections over said port. If more than one server is listening over the same port over the same protocol one will surely fail to start. No priority system is in place.


Server type: decide if you want your server to be TCP or UDP(so far, only TCP servers are supported, support for UDP is coming soon).

Listen address: [remote_host]:[port]. This field decides the listening port and accepted remote hosts. If you want to accept incoming connections from any IP address, just enter or :port

Buffer size: incoming data from the server connections need to be to be read from a LUA script. Until read, it will be stored in a buffer. This field specifies the max size of the buffer.

Handling data

All data and connection handling is done via LUA scripting.

Please refer to the TCP Server Documentation page for further details.