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Puclic Widget

Set Widget Public

To activate this option you need to go inside the widget editing page. There are two ways to enter this page, the first is to go to the "Dashboard Widget" menu, then clicking on the desired widget.


For the second way you have to go to the dashboard and click on the settings button of the desired widget.


On the setting page there is a checkbox called "Set Public", click it and save it to unlock the widget.


Once unlocked, it can be recalled via the following link:

http://[Your Host]/Widget/[Type of Widget]/?widgetref=[HexId of the widget]&period=[Period of search]&width=[Width]&height=[Height]

Type of Widget it is the type of widget that you show, for now the only one accepted is "Line" for the linear type.
HexId of the widget it is the hexadecimal id of the widget and it can be found in two places, the fisrt is in the "Dashboard Widget" Page, and the second one can be found by clicking the settings button of a widget in the dashboard.

Period of search it can have values from 1 to 7, and each value represents a predefined period:

  • 1: Last Hour
  • 2: Last 6 Hours
  • 3: Last 12 Hours
  • 4: Last 24 Hours
  • 5: Last 48 Hours
  • 6: Last 72 Hours
  • 7: Last Week

width and height are the dimentions of the widget, they are expressed in pixels.

http://[Your Host]/Widget/Line/?widgetref=63686132353835&period=4&width=700&height=250

In this case a linear widget is shown representing the values of the last 24 hours with a size of 700 px in width and 250 px in height.