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MongoDB pusher

You can now push data automatically from ResIOT to your MongoDB collection of choice.

The server will automatically push device tags at the end of all scripts running on comm_rx arrivals under a serializable object {"appeui":"[your device appeui]", "deveui":"[your device deveui]", "tag1":"value1", "tag2":"value2", ...}.

You can also manually push data to your connector via the resiot_dc_push LUA function


Host: the host of your MongoDB server. Required.

Port: the port your MongoDB server is listening on. Required.

Username: username to login intoto your MongoDB server.

Password: the password of your user account.

Database: The name of the database you want data pushed to. Required.

Collection: The pushed data will be stored in this collection. Required.

Additional information

A mongopush log will be generated and pushed to your public websocket if the push succeeded, and the generated ObjectId of the operation will be returned.

A mongopush_fail log will be generated instead if the push failed for any reason. The details field will contain additional information about the error.