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Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS IoT Nodes

How can you add an Amazon AWS IoT Node to the ResIOT platform

  • Login in your AWS Management Console (Amazon account required).
  • Go to the AWS IoT service, open "Manage"from the left menu and create a new thing.
  • Open the newly created thing and click on "Interact" on the left menu.
  • Under the HTTPS title, there is an url; the part before iot is the Random String that needs to be copied in the field of your connector, the part between iot and amazonaws is the Region, copy that in your Region connector field.


  • Go to your IAM Management Console, select "Users" from the left menu and create a new user with username "resiot" and "Access Type" checked on Programmatic access.
  • Click on "Attach existing policies directly" and search for "AWSIoTDataAccess" policy, then proceed.
  • After the review, create the user; copy the "Access Key Id" in the Access Key field of the connector, click show near the hidden "Secret Access Key" and copy the plain key in the Secret Access Key field of the connector.