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SICE IP68 Guide

Supported models

As of July 2018, this version targets the IP68 product situated at the official SICE website.


Frequency plan Download Link
EU 863-870 Download
US 902-928 Download


The gateway is not internet ready by default. Connect over the web interface of your gateway and configure its network connection.

Default credentials, when prompted, are username: admin password: admin, or use the web credentials you setup for the web access.

Enabling the GPS

In order to enable the GPS, you should do the following:

  • Edit /etc/default/gpsd, set Enabled=”no” and Save.
  • Edit /etc/default/ntpd, set Enabled=”no” and Save.
  • Restart the gateway before continuing.


Access your gateway via SSH, download the right version for your gateway and follow the instructions.

cd /home/root/
tar -xzvf *.tar.gz
chmod +x ./

The client is now installed and running correctly on your gateway.


If you want to manually update to the latest version, be sure to be connected to the internet, delete any previous downloaded version file and run the following -- making sure you download the correct national version for your gateway:

cd /home/root/
tar -xzvf *.tar.gz
chmod +x ./


Shall you want to uninstall the Client, just run the following command:

opkg remove resiot-basestation-client


Your ResIOT™ BaseStation Gateway Client is now installed. Refer to the official ResIOT website for instructions.